I don’t just guarantee your money back if you’re not totally satisfied. I promise…

“If just 15 minutes a day for 30 days with my simple system doesn't have you hitting the ball at least 20 yards longer than you ever hit before, I'll pay you $100.”

Dear Fellow Golfer,

You and I have never met. But I already know what kind of golfer you are.

You’re the kind who’s just plain not satisfied being “average.”

That’s why you’re always looking for ways to improve your game. You’ve bought the best clubs you could afford. You’ve shelled out for every gizmo you’ve seen advertised. You’ve taken lessons. Maybe you even have my other DVDs.

Chances are you play a little better than the guys you regularly golf with. But you feel that something is holding you back from being the kind of golfer you truly can be.

Friend, I know what that “something” is. It’s the same thing that keeps “average” golfers from getting the distance and accuracy they need to become good golfers.

It’s the dreaded slice. And I can help fix that slice of yours. In fact,

I guarantee to fix your slice in just 30 days or I’ll send your money back. And I’ll write you a check for $100 for wasting your time.

But I won’t just fix your slice.

I’ll help you transform that slice into a shot that takes off like a rocket and homes in on the short grass like a heat-seeking missile.

That’s right… I’ll help you master the shot that can add at least 20 yards to your distance on every drive…the one that can lower your handicap by an average of 8 strokes…the one shot you must have to take your game to the next level.

The most beautiful shot in all of golf … the draw.

(If you already have my other videos you know what my simple system can help you achieve. To get “How to Hit a Draw” at a very special, online-only price, just


The art of the draw.

Let’s face it. All the “average” golfer cares about is distance…to hit those spectacular, soaring drives like John Daly or Tiger Woods.

But what good is being able to hit the ball 300 yards if you hit it into the woods or through some guy’s kitchen window? All that does is add to your frustration and strokes to your round.

To be a better golfer, you’ve not only got to be able to hit the ball long….you’ve got to be able to hit it to where you want .

And in order to hit long and accurately, you need to be able to hit a draw consistently.

Why the draw? Because it’s been proven that the draw will give you more distance and control than any other shot there is. That’s why it’s the shot of choice for almost all the touring pros.

You see, the draw not only carries further, it also rolls further. Up to 20 yards further.

So you’ll be taking fewer strokes and spending less time in the rough looking for your ball. Sound good?

It gets even better. Because the result of all this isn’t just one less slicer bombarding that poor guy’s house. No, it’s a

lower score and a lower handicap for you.

Now, some people will tell you that the ability to draw the ball at will is the hardest thing in golf.

Well, they may be right. The draw is hard to master…on your own.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been teaching people how to play better golf for many years.

A lot of my work has been with bogey-plus golfers. One of the first things I teach them is the shot that turns high handicap players into low handicap players.

You guessed it. I’m talking about the draw.

I’ve taken everything I know about the draw, figured out a simple system to help you hit it consistently and put it all on a DVD called, not surprisingly, How to Hit a Draw. To order yours …


How to HIt a Draw DVD PurePoint GolfHow to Hit a Draw: the DVD.

On this DVD, I’ll teach you how to hit a draw every time. I’ll do it with easy-to-follow and easy-to-remember simple steps.

Sure, there’ll be plenty of detail. But not so much that you’ll be scratching your head and wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

And you won’t have to worry if you’re doing it right. I’ll give you plenty of checkpoints that will always keep you on track.

Even if your memory isn’t what it used to be, I’ve got a way to make the steps stick in your subconscious. It’s a little trick I picked up from being a teaching pro all these years…

Besides, you can download the lessons onto your MP3 player and take the instruction to the course with you.

More about that later, right now I want to ask you to do something that will improve your mental attitude and your game…

Stop beating yourself up over your slice.

Just because you slice the ball, that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or a terrible golfer. You’re just doing what nine out of ten golfers do.

Unfortunately, it happens to be the wrong thing. Your swing isn’t natural and it isn’t right.

What I’m going to tell you to do in the DVD is something that will feel even more unnatural at first. But, if you follow the steps of my simple system, you’ll find that

It will be almost impossible
for you to hit a slice.

(Can’t wait to find out if this could actually be true? Then order your DVD now at a special online-only price.)


While we’re at it, there’s another thing I want you to stop worrying about.


These days people just don’t have enough of it to practice for hours. Yet that’s what most people think you have to do to master the draw.

Well, it’s true that the more you practice the better you’ll get…if you’re practicing the right way.

But let’s get real. You don’t have that kind of time to spare. Nobody does. And, besides, who wants to spend what little time they have on trying to master some seemingly impossible golf technique? Isn’t the whole idea of golf to have some fun?

That’s why I’ve come up with a way to help you…

Learn to draw the ball in only 57 minutes
and see results right away.

Yep. Right away. Some golfers tell me they watched the DVD one time and then went out and hit the ball further and more accurately than ever before.

Now, I’m not going to promise you results like that. Neither am I going to tell you that you’ll soon be hitting like Daly or Woods. Not right away, anyway.

Fact is, you will see improvement immediately. But if you’re like most golfers your slice is pretty deeply ingrained. It’s become a habit and it takes more than an hour and hitting a few balls to break a habit. Usually it takes about 30 days.

Yet I’m so confident that in just 30 days my system will help you straighten out your slice and hit longer and straighter than ever before that I’m going to make this offer:

If after diligently following my instructions and practicing at least fifteen minutes every day for 30 days, you honestly feel that you haven’t improved a bit and working with my system has been a waste of your time, I want you to write and tell me. And

I’ll write you a check for

Naturally, my partners are horrified at the prospect of actually paying out good money. But I’m not worried.

First of all, I know that there are a few cheaters on the golf course but I’m betting that you aren’t one of them.

Second, I know my system works. I’m 100% positive I can transform your slice into a booming, accurate draw in just 30 days.

Ready to see for yourself? To order your copy of my DVD, “How to Hit a Draw” just


But what if you need more time?

Friend, then take more time. In fact, take up to 60 days to make sure you’re completely satisfied and that my technique is working for you.

If during those 60 days, you decide to return the DVD for any reason, I’ll send your money back. Every penny of it.

That’s my 100%, no-risk, money-back guarantee

Don’t take my word.

How to Hit a Draw is brand new and hasn’t been offered on the Internet before so I don’t have a lot of testimonials yet.

But here are a couple from some from folks who’ve tried my other DVDs:

"I was amazed, hit 40 balls with various clubs and didn't slice any shot."

Another Satisfied CustomerThis is amazing, I have been a slicer all my life and have tried everything, even professional lessons and never received any assistance with the slice. After reading your email (lesson #1) I took it to the driving range and I was amazed, hit 40 balls with various clubs and didn’t slice any shot, several went straight and the majority had a slight draw. I actually hit several 300 plus drives (haven’t been able to do that for many years). I have all your DVD programs and look forward to watching your upcoming draw DVD. I must say that your method of teaching is the best I am seen, really appreciate your guidance.

Thanks again,

Charles A Stewart
Adrian, MI


"Took four or five strokes off my game."

Hello Dave,

Thank you so much for your video instructions, they are very easy to follow and use. From the very first minute of watching I was anxious to go to the course and begin playing with the techniques and tips you described… What made me feel really good is that after a couple of hours at the driving range I booked a game with the usual group I play with regularly (all of us have close to the same handicap), used the techniques from the video instructions …and took enough strokes off my game to win the round of golf. Bottom line is that I have already taken 4-5 strokes off my game (a huge difference) and I've just started watching the DVD's and receiving the Special Reports. Thank you. I am looking forward to receiving the other DVDs I ordered and reaching my next goal of lowering my handicap into the mid-teens.

David Bartholomew


"Lowered my score eight to twelve strokes."

Dear Dave,

I wanted to write as a happy customer. Since I have watched three of your videos, I have lowered my scores about eight to twelve strokes. I am around 90 - 94. I now have all four of your DVD’s with my latest purchase of the short game.

I want to thank you for giving excellent instruction lessons.

Gary Carter

Straight talk.

I’m not one for fancy phrases or flowery language. And I’m a golf pro, not a psychologist.

So I’m not going to go on and on about how you’ll feel about your game when you hit the ball a good 270 yards and it goes exactly where you want it to go. Or how you’ll feel about yourself when you’ve finally beaten the thing that’s been holding you back all this time.

But, just take it from me, there’s no feeling like it. Well, maybe one, but we’re talking about golf here.

How to HIt a Draw DVD PurePoint GolfSecrets of the sport.

Forgive me for repeating myself, but I want to make sure that you know that absolutely everything I’ve learned over a lifetime of golfing about hitting a draw…everything I’ve taught individuals over the past 30 years…I’ve put into developing an amazingly simple system that works for everyone…and I’ve put it all on this DVD.

That doesn’t mean a total brain dump though. I’ve figured out how to do all that in sessions that are only about four minutes long.

My system is designed for seasoned golfers like yourself. Yet the instructions on the DVD are so simple and easy-to-follow they can help players at every level. So your spouse and even your kids can benefit from How to Hit a Draw.

Believe me, I can’t think of any other place to learn…

  • How an article of clothing…one you’re probably wearing right now…can help you make sure your swing is correct.
  • How one part of your club could be the reason you’re slicing the ball…and what to do about it.
  • How two knuckles on one hand can make the difference between a draw and a slice.
  • The only time you can legitimately use three clubs at once and how that can make your aim foolproof.
  • The secret the pros use to get extra power (and extra distance) into every shot.

And that’s just for openers.

Read enough? Ready to order your copy of “How to Hit a Draw”? Then just…


What price to be slice free?

How to Hit a Draw DVD ScreenshotAbout $147, if you’re lucky enough to find my DVD in a pro shop. That will be our retail price when we release it to the retail market.

And when you consider that the average golf lesson costs about $100 an hour, you can see that it’s a bargain.

But for a lot of golfers, $147 is a little pricey. Even for something that guarantees to fix your slice or give your money back.

So I’ve convinced my partners to offer the DVD over the Internet for just $47. That’s about a third of the pro shop price. But in order to get their agreement, I had to make a couple of promises.

One is to ask you to send us an email after you’ve tried How to Hit a Draw and tell us what you think of it. The other is ask you to allow us to post your email on our site. Like these testimonials from golfers who’ve ordered our other DVDs.

"Dropped from the upper 90's to the middle 80's."

Just a note to let you know I received your cd's and feel you did an excellent job of discussing about all the necessary areas for improving your game.

I am 79 years young and have dropped from the upper 90's …to the middle 80's…I started playing some 12 years ago and now feel MORE CONFIDENT IN MY GAME AND THE JOY OF PLAYING GOLF IS GREAT.

Les Hier
Homewood IL


"Handicap Dropped from 16 to 10."


I’d like to thank you for your help and assistance in getting my golf into a systematic routine for driving, iron shots, pitching and putting.

I purchased your short game DVD and it helped me greatly, in fact, when I took a lesson from a professional on my short game he told me that I had things cracked!!

I am 55 and took up golf seriously last year and joined a club in Belfast. Having submitted three marked course cards I was given a handicap of 16 and am now playing off 13 but working to get down to 10.

I’d love to attend one of your golf schools but, living in Ireland makes that a no no!! Maybe when I visit the USA I should bring my clubs and book a class then . . . I wish!

Thanks again for your help and advice. Your tips received by e-mail have helped me so much in setting targets for myself in my game.

Henry H. McAuley
Belfast, Northern Ireland


How to Hit a Draw DVD ScreenshotYou see, if you like How to Hit a Draw as much as we think you will, you’ll tell us.

And we can use your favorable comments to show how well this DVD works, which will reduce our marketing costs.

(One of my partners read someplace that the best advertising is the testimony of a satisfied user. And that’s what we’re counting on.)

Of course, we could lose our shirts. Especially since we’ll be selling the DVD on the Internet for $100 less than in pro shops. So we’ve got to sell at least three times as many online.

That’s why I’m going to throw in a whole bunch of bonuses just in case you’re sitting on the fence about ordering. This is what you’ll get if you order now:

Bonus #1. Permanent members discount
With your order, you’ll become a permanent member of the PurePoint Players Club. You’ll be able to preview all of our upcoming videos and you’ll get a 25% discount on every one. This will be extremely valuable a few months down the road. A value worth hundreds of dollars.
Bonus #2. 30-days of free advice via email
Go ahead. Ask me about How to Hit a Draw…about your swing…about anything for 30 days after you receive your copy of the DVD. I’ll get back to you with an answer by email within 48 hours. A $250 value.
Bonus Downloadable MP3 Bonus #3. Downloadable Audio MP3 of How to Hit a Draw DVD
You don’t have to figure out how to put the audio portion of my DVD onto your MP3 player. We’ve already done that for you. That means you can burn a CD and listen in your car on the way to the range or the course. Or put it onto your MP3 player and listen while you hit balls 0r you can listen to it on your computer. It’s like having a portable pro. A $29 value.
Bonus DVD Transcript eBook Bonus #4. The DVD in book format
Some folks just like to have things down in black and white so they can study them, take notes or have something to read in the can. Maybe you’re like that and will appreciate having every word of the DVD transcribed into a downloadable book. A $39 value.
Bonus #5 . My free monthly newsletter (Pro Lessons)
Each month, I’ll send you our newsletter filled with tips about How to Hit a Draw. I’ll answer your questions, post your comments and share the experiences of golfers who’re using my techniques to improve their game. A $60 value.
Bonus Simple Study GuideBonus #6 . Reminder Outline
We understand that half the battle in golf is understanding how to swing the club correctly and remembering the key points when you are on the course or practicing. That's why we're going to give you an outline with all the key points so that you can easily take this to the range with you.
Bonus #7 . Unlimited Upgrades
When we add even more drills to this video, we will e-mail you a streaming video with the additions.

They’re all free. But only if you order your DVD now.

I can’t guarantee how long we’ll be able to offer these special bonuses.

Heck, I can’t even guarantee how long we’ll be able to offer our special Internet price of just $47. My partners will start to get nervous if we don’t see some action from our online offer right away. And they’re a pretty nervous bunch already.

So it would be a really good idea to order your copy now and take advantage of all these free bonuses.

To do that, all you have to do is


Forget all that for a minute. There’s another reason to order your copy of the DVD now.

Better sooner than later.

I’m back to talking about that slice of yours. You know as well as I do that the longer you continue in a habit, the harder it is to break.

Every time you hit the ball the way you’re hitting now you’re just making that groove in your brain…the one that’s labeled “slice the ball”…deeper and harder to fix.

Sure, my system can help no matter how long you put it off. It’s helped golfers who were in their nineties and it can help you.

But it’ll be quicker and easier now. So order your copy now while we can still offer my DVD at $100 off the pro shop price.

What else can I do?

Let’s review what I’ve offered you so far.

  • An unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.
    If we can’t help fix your slice and help you learn to hit a power draw…if you just don’t like the quality of my instructions or the color of my sweater…if you’re unsatisfied for any reason…return the DVD within 60 days and I’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked.
  • $100 if it’s all been a waste of your time.
    If, after following all of my instructions and practicing for at least fifteen minutes a day for the next 30 days, you haven’t improved at all and figure I’ve wasted your time, then send the DVD back with a letter telling me that and I’ll send you my check for $100 for your time and effort. I ask only that you be fair with me on this.
  • A $100 discount off the pro shop price.
    If you order now and online, the DVD and the bonuses are yours for just $47. That’s $100 off the retail price.
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of free bonuses.
    They’re all yours free if you place your order now. Even if you decide to return the DVD, I want you to keep the MP3 download and the DVD transcription with my compliments.

That’s everything I can give you without giving away the store. So why not take me up on it? You can use any major credit card or PayPal.



Life is too short to put up with the frustration and embarrassment of hitting slice after slice every time you play.

So, if for some reason, you’ve decided against ordering my DVD, I want you to consider doing this:
Find a good pro… one at your club or at the course where you usually play…and bite the bullet. Spend a couple of hundred dollars for some lessons.

Tell the pro you only want to work on correcting your slice. Otherwise you could end up paying a pile of money for help you don’t need.

Oh…and be sure to make the pro gives you the same guarantee I’m offering.

That’s right, your money back if the lessons don’t fix your slice. And $100 for wasting your time.

Now, if you can find a pro who’ll actually do all that, I say go for it.

Of course, I think it makes a little more sense to try my DVD before you go spending money on lessons.

The DVD costs less than fifty bucks. And you get that back if you’re not completely satisfied. So there’s no risk involved. I’ll even pay you if I’ve wasted your time.

Isn’t it worth fifty bucks just to see the looks on the faces of your buddies when you smash a pure draw for 200…300 yards…put the ball exactly where you want it to go…and do it time and time again?

So why not give my DVD a try? You’ve got nothing to lose…but your slice.

Just do it before our accountant steps in and puts a stop to this special offer or my partners have me committed.


David Nevogt


P.S. Not to beat a dead horse, but I wanted to remind you once again that if you’re still slicing the ball …if you’re not hitting the ball longer and with greater accuracy than ever before with magnificent draws…if you’re not impressing your buddies and collecting skins… or if you're dissatisfied with the instructions in any way…just send the DVD back within 60 days and we’ll refund your money. That’s my 100%, no-risk guarantee.

P.P.S. Remember, you have a full 60 days to decide whether or not to keep the DVD. But if you’ve followed my instructions and practiced every day for 30 days and still don’t see any improvement, I want you to write me and walk me through exactly how you were practicing, how much and how often… and I’ll send you a check for $100 for wasting your time.

How to Hit a Draw DVD Screenshot
How to Hit a Draw DVD Screenshot
How to Hit a Draw DVD Screenshot

Still making up your mind? Maybe a few words from golfers who’ve tried our other DVDS will help.

"Best Round of the Year. . . Best Round of Pars Ever."

I stood on the tee Sat. afternoon and all the hints you talked about kept on popping up in my head ( pull, push, slice and hook )

I had the best round of the year and had the best run of pars ever - 7 in a row on the back nine. Only 1 drop on 17 and ending with a birdie at the last hole.

It was also the best in driving I had this year in 12 out of 14 fairways. (5/7 first nine and 7/7 back nine) The setup helped and made sense. I used the iron setup with the driver before . The first 2 fairways were missed with a bit of a hook but once I made the corrections mentally it went better. This was my lowest score for the last 2 years. 38 front nine and 36 back nine ( needless to say I won the competition on a net 66 from a 8 handicap).

Thanks for the tips and instruction.

Now it is up to me to try and keep it together and try to make my goal I set to myself to make the scratch league team for next year.

Rudi Pieters
South Africa


"WOW!  What a Difference!"

Hi Bobby,

My 12 year old son recently got a starter set of golf clubs, and since he was picking up the game, I decided to get a set of clubs.

I played my first round of 18 holes on Monday and knew I needed some instruction.

I purchased your DVD this morning, watched it and practiced the five steps at the driving range today at lunch time.

WOW! What a difference!

I'm hitting straight shots consistently.

I can't wait to continue to practice at the range. I look forward to playing my next round of golf with confidence.

Thanks for putting together an INFORMATIVE DVD for the working parent!

Your Friend!
Steve Garretson
Indianapolis IN