Full Swing Alignment

How many of you are convinced that you are hitting it offline because of the club face not being square at impact? Maybe you're hooking it or maybe you're slicing it.

I want to give you a little golf swing lesson that I think will help you a lot.

Grip the golf club like you normally would, and put it on the ground. Now raise it up in the air and make half a golf swing, or really, all the way back, and then stop.

Now, look at that club face. That club face should be perfectly square.

Now, here’s a golf swing lesson in case you grip it off to the right a little bit. Alright. Now, maybe you’re hooking the ball, but you’re not paying attention to your grip.

Now that club face is closed, and that right there would tell me that you need to change your grip. Maybe you’re slicing the ball and not paying close attention to my grip.

Okay, the club face is open. Then I would put it on the ground and turn it a little bit until it’s square.

And if it’s too far over to the right, put it on the ground and move your grip to the left.

This controls the face. Ninety percent of the time that’s the reason the face isn’t square.

So, if you're convinced that you're slicing and hooking and it has to do with the grip, the golf swing lesson is that all you have to do is hold the club in the air and take a little half-practice swing and see if the face comes back square.

Try that the next time out, and I promise you it will help you.


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