Golf Instruction – Golf Swing

I think skulling or topping is the most common missed golf swing when you're chipping the golf ball.

You’ll have a great shot lined up, but when you look up, you’ve skulled it, or topped it, or hit it thin and bladed it over the green.

So, let me tell you about an exercise that will help you a lot with your golf swing.

After you set up, ball in the middle, weight left and handle left, watch the club head, not a giant followthrough. Here’s why.

The angle that your club goes back is up. So, if it goes up, it’ll come back down and you’ll hear a click.

Now when you skull, your golf club travels too much inside. That means it didn’t get up high enough.

But if it goes inside low, it will try to go and get underneath the ball on the way down.

So, the next time you're out on the golf course or the practice facility, try this little exercise to improve your golf swing. See if you can take the leading edge, and see if you can chop some grass with it.

Not a giant followthrough, but a very functional way to chip a golf ball and not skull anymore.


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