Golf Lesson – Greenside Bunker

If you’ve just recently played a round of golf, if you really struggle with your sand game, I have a golf lesson that’s going to help you a lot here.

It’s a very difficult thing to do, but it’s so simple to get the right setup.

Now, here’s the golf lesson for setting up for a bunker shot. The ball goes across from your left foot always when the ball’s setting up. The weight goes on your left leg 70%. And from here the arms swing up and down as you turn through. Make sure you turn through.

What you're trying to do is you're trying to displace some sand. You're trying to put a little sand between the club face and the golf ball, and lift it and throw it out of the bunker.

So, the setup: Weight left, ball off your left foot, full arm swing. But don’t transfer your weight over to your right side. Stay on top of that left leg. Go up and down, even if you have to put the toe up in the air to stop you from sliding backwards.

Here’s a golf lesson if the ball is buried. If it’s buried, this swing won’t work because the club won’t go steep enough. So, put the ball in the middle of your stance, weight over on your left leg. Don’t open the face, and catch a little sand behind the ball and throw it out on the green.

I hope this golf lesson works. Give it a shot.


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