How to Hit a Draw

This week's lesson is entitled, "The Quickest and Easiest Way to Draw the Ball", and it's sure to make a lot of people very happy. Next week's tip is going to focus on how to avoid the hook, and then we'll move on to the short game.

I'll tell you right now... this is going to be painless, contrary to what you may think. I'll start with a single definition.

Level Shoulder turn - a turn that stays level with the ground (parallel to the ground) through the backswing.

So, now that we have that out of the way, let's continue on with this quick and easy tip to draw the ball. And if you've battled a slice for years upon years, just wait until you try this. The next time out to the range, your slice is going to be dramatically reduced.

Here it is. Instead of taking your normal shoulder turn (whatever that may be), focus on keeping your shoulder turn as level as possible (parallel to the ground). So as you are setting up to the ball, feel your feet on the ground to determine if there is an uphill or downhill lie. Then in your backswing, just focus on keeping your shoulders level to the ground.

Now, this may actually produce a HOOK of all things, so remember to adjust accordingly. And remember that you are attempting to wrap that club around your body. You want a horizontal swing plane, not vertical. That's what this level shoulder turn is really accomplishing. You'll find it so much easier to release through the ball correctly, and to square up the face of your club at impact.

Give that a try on your next trip to the range and you'll be amazed to see that dreaded slice going away, especially if you use this in conjunction with the rest of the "The Simple Golf Swing" system. I know this probably seems incredibly simple to anyone who has been battling a slice forever, but just remember that simple solutions are usually the most effective.

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