Pitching – Uneven Lies

I have a little tip for you here today and I’m convinced that it’s going to help you a lot. 
It’s about pitching and chipping on uneven lies.

Not every lie around the green is flat where the ball is sitting even with your feet and you could bend over and give it a nice little whack.

Sometimes you have downhill pitch shots, uphill chip shots, ball below your feet chip shots, and ball above your feet pitch shots.

All right, now let me go over this with you real quick so you understand it.

When you're making a full golf swing, it’s very important that you pay close attention to all of your uneven lies.

Remember, if you're going uphill on a full swing, make sure your shoulders are level to the slope you're on. If you're going downhill on a full swing, make sure your shoulders are level to the slope you're on.

So, here it is. If you’re going uphill, you want to stand to the slope. If you're going downhill, you want to stand to the slope.

If the ball’s below your feet on a full swing, you want to make sure that you bend way over and bend your knees. And if the ball is above your feet, make sure that you stand up tall and sit back on your bottom.

But it’s different when you're chipping and pitching.

Make sure that when you have uneven lies that you don’t change your chipping and pitching stance and setup. Remember, for pitching and chipping, stance and setup, ball in the middle, weight left, handle left, and you're standing in this fashion, where 60% of your weight, 70% of your weight’s on your left side, and you swing your arms up and down.

When you have an uneven lie, don’t change that. The reason why? The swing isn’t that long and you don’t shift your weight back over to your right side.

So, when you're on your uneven lies around the greens, don’t change your setup away from the traditional pitching and chipping setup.

Thanks and have a great day.

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