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The Secret to Sticking Every Short Game Shot Within 6 Feet from the Pin Has Been Revealed in 5, Easy to Remember, Principles that will Have you Breaking Personal Records Almost Overnight.

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And the best part is that unless you tell them, they’ll never figure out how you’re doing it.

From: David Nevogt

Dear Friend,

I’m going to give you almost criminally-clever tricks, tips, and secrets of the pros that give you unbelievable accuracy, breath-taking impact, and machine-like consistency for every shot you make around the green (where almost 2/3 of your game is played)!

But here’s the kicker – if you’re just the “average golfer,” you won’t want them…

It's ridiculous, I know, but it’s the truth. The only thing the average golfer’s looking for is distance. Nine out of ten golfers don't give a flying hoot whether they shoot 90 or 120, as long as they can launch towering drives just like Tiger Woods.

And we can teach you how to do that. If you have the Full-Swing Downloadable DVD from us you already have the secrets of hitting long, accurate shots. And, yes, it's fun and all… but really, it's NOT the most important part of your game.

Now because you received the special invitation to this page, chances are… you’re NOT just the average golfer.

And if that’s true, if you really want to improve your game then keep reading because… it's not all about hitting longer drives.

Nope. It's about the short-game - that critical area that begins about 40 yards from the pin and ends when you pull out your putter. The short game isn't as glamorous as a 300-yard howitzer-shot drive… But as all the successful professionals and bet-taking local golfers in your area know... Drive for show, but...

Pitch For Dough!

However... as you’ll quickly see... you do NOT need to sweat and work at your chipping and pitching.

Got that? No hard work necessary. None.

It’s easy. EASY. And simple, and fun, and incredibly exciting. Once you know the secrets.

So, here’s the deal: We've put together 10 compact and amazingly simple lessons on the short game for you (they only average about 4 minutes). All the fundamentals are covered, even as you learn our unique system for every component of the swing. And each lesson is exclusively designed to ratchet these techniques directly into your brain by using state-of-the-art technology… We really took this critical instruction to a whole new level.

Using slow motion, high definition cameras and running each swing through professional swing analysis software - each lesson is exactingly presented from multiple angles, allowing them to lock into your head permanently.

Forget about hitting longer drives for now. I’m about to show you how to drop double-digit numbers off your score...

Without Adding Another Yard
To Your Drives!

Stay with me now. This gets very good, very quickly.

The top touring professionals know they will stay on top only as long as their short game is sharp. That's why they spend 90% of their practice time perfecting the secrets of their short game.

The fact is, you can scuff a drive barely past the forward tees and STILL make par… if you know the tricks of the pro short game. Not one amateur in ten thousand understands this (and couldn’t pull it off anyway, because these secrets are as mysterious to the average golfer as quantum physics is to my 2-year old daughter).

However… for the golfer who DOES know the simple secrets of the short game… well, golf suddenly becomes EASY.

Listen: The BEST professionals only hit about 13 greens in regulation in any given round. And even your better-than-average guy with a 10 handicap only hits about 3 greens out of 18 in regulation. (“Regulation” means, of course, that you allow for two putts on every hole… so you have two strokes to hit the green on a par 4, one stroke to hit it on par 3s, and three strokes to hit the green on a par 5.)

The vast majority of golfers out there have trouble hitting the green from 10 yards out. Or, worse, even if they DO hit the green on a chip shot, they can’t make their ball STAY on the green. You know, I’m sure, the pure gut-wrenching agony of landing a shot near the pin, only to see the ball continue to roll and roll until it drops off the far edge (often into a bunker just to make your day even more miserable).

Well, guess what? I’m here to tell you that in just a little over an hour, you can learn ALL the tricks and secrets of the professional short game. It’s really that simple. And that means you’ll finally be able to…

Place your ball within feet of the pin from 40 yards out every time!

Stop “scooping” your chips and pitches (like 99% of all golfers do) and start nailing every short shot with a consistent and reliable swing that forces your ball to land softly with controlled roll!

And… you will finally be the complete master of your chosen wedge – this is what the pro’s rely on for a solid short game!

The plain truth is, you could muff every tee shot and half your putts and STILL beat everyone else for the round… just by using these short game secrets!

And… if you’re driving and putting well, you’ll just demolish anyone who dares to bet against you.

And that’s what golf is all about. Playing at the top of your ability, and looking good doing it.

It’s really fun, too. In less than an hour, you can finally master:

The 4 simple secrets of perfect short game control! (Has to do with playing the ball in the center of your stance, shifting your weight to your front leg, setting up with your weight forward, and notflipping” your hands – very simple and easy tips that bring immediate results.)

How to control the tempo of your swing and why it creates pinpoint accuracy! (So instantly accurate, you’ll even be able to practice in the living room… and never hit a lamp or knock a picture off the wall!)

Why the best stance for short pitches and chips isn’t really “open” or “closed”… but a very comfortable and natural stance that will fit you like a glove! (You’ll never be uncomfortable making a shot again!)

How your alignment is the key to getting up and down every time from anywhere on the course! (The trick is to NOT concentrate on the pin!)

How to eliminate those annoying thin shots across the green! (This trick alone will shave half a dozen strokes off your next round.)

And… the simple “pinched” grip that will guarantee you make a perfect swing every time!

The bottom line is… what do you care what the rest of the golfing world does? They’re all going to stay in their little golfing ruts forever, most of them never figuring out the secrets that really work, never improving, never getting to really enjoy the game. Let them suffer. They will never be a truly good golfer.

You, on the other hand, have the love of the game and the will to become the best you can be… just like my other golfing buddies in my private address book. That’s why you’re reading this letter in the first place – you’re not like the “rest of the golfing world”. You know there are secrets that will open up the pro game to you. You know that a video can change your life, forever… if it simply reveals the honest secrets.

Best of all... if, after you've taken the time to learn these secrets... if you DON’T go out and drop Another 7 strokes off your average within 2 rounds... then..

You have 60 days to return
your Downloadable DVD for a 100% no
questions asked, money back

So, it’s yours, if you want it, for just $72 $47. And I’ll guarantee your satisfaction personally. No time limit. Just get this video, and see what amazing secrets it holds. Try them out in your own game, whenever you get the chance. And, if you’re not 100% happy, just send the DVD back, and I’ll rush you a complete refund. No questions asked, and no hard feelings either.

So, here’s what you need to do now:

You can use your credit card or PayPal - it’s fast, safe and 100% secure… ten times more secure than using a credit card at your favorite restaurant! The price for this life-changing Downloadable DVD is just $72 $47… probably the best darn bargain you’ll ever see in your golfing life. (Private lessons cost upwards of $100 to $200 each…and you don’t get the whole story in a single lesson. This Downloadable DVD contains EVERYTHING you need to know…yet it’s not even an hour long.) It’s the best deal, dollar for dollar, you could ever hope for—and averages out to only about $5 for each stroke you slash off your game!

Now, here's how your guarantee works: Watch the Downloadable DVD. Let the lesson "sink in" as you watch. You can even do a little practice, if you like.

Use what you've learned when you do go out the next time. (Learning this way, before you go out next time, will allow these secrets to "cook" inside you... so when you do use them, they will just be there, like "magic", all settle and cozy in your mind.)

Now, if you DON'T slash ANOTHER 7 strokes in your next 2 rounds of golf, or on any round after that within the 3 months... then I insist you send the DVD back to me (with your scorecard)... and I will credit your money to you promptly.

That means, if you choose... Your entire "secret" lesson will be FREE.

You don't risk a penny giving this amazing breakthrough in low scoring a "look see" yourself... not a penny.

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David Nevogt

P.S. – Please remember, this offer is only going out to my "hot list" of favorite people. Please don't tell any of your friends about it, okay?